Welcome to SCAT PLANT Limited


Scat Plant Limited is committed to being number one in customer service, and can provide you with unsurpassed technical and operational support. 

Scat Plant Limited is a professional, highly trained and experienced network of engineers with a proven record to provide fast, efficient support to a wide range of plant machinery. 

We pride ourselves on our service network.  Our ‘customer first’ philosophy ensures every aspect of our business places a premium on customer satisfaction. 

By taking the time to learn what our customers want then fulfilling the promises to deliver, Scat Plant Limited is the leading force in the service and repair of plant machinery.

As industry becomes increasingly competitive, it is vital that the accuracy of plant machine is inspected to the highest possible standard.  With many years of experience in the plant repair services, Scat Plant Limited can provide the necessary maintenance facilities to meet your demands.

Second to none for Service!